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The Victory 10x56 T* RF binoculars from Carl ZEISS were the first twilight binoculars in the 56mm class to have a built-in laser rangefinder and BIS® Ballistic Information System. These high-performance binoculars are a world first, with highly useful additional functions for hunting and a unique performance. Their domain is not only for use in the hunting stand at night when hunting wild pigs or foxes, but also for use from hunting stands during the day or for stalking, or for those who carry only a pair of binoculars. The popular, compact 8x56 and 10x56 instruments are extended by these two new binocular models, similar in weight and dimensions, which are equipped with the latest electronics which extends their range of use into darkness: For accurate shooting at mid to long ranges, precise knowledge of the distance is essential to the hunter. Especially in unfamiliar territory, when hunting on open land or in the mountains, modern hunters no longer leave the range to guesswork. The advanced laser technology of the Victory 8x56 T* RF and 10x56 T* RF provide hunters with the opportunity of determining distances accurately, during the day or in twilight, to target game precisely and at the same time to determine the holdover point (aim x cm higher or lower) . By measuring the distance and using the BIS® Ballistic Information System data provided, the important requirements for an accurate shot are created which accords with hunting etiquette and includes preventing 'inexplicable misses' over short distances due to 'undershooting'. The new 56mm objective lenses mean the RF 56 is also the perfect companion for hunting from hunting stands until late in the night: The innovative high-performance optics deliver bright, high-contrast images even in darkness which will delight everyone.

The new Victory 8x56 T* RF and Victory 10x56 T* RF Carl ZEISS binoculars thus combine everything needed during daylight with that required for late twilight providing an all-new, unique observing experience in this class, for precisely measuring the distance and exactly determining the holdover point. They are unique and create a new standard. With this eminently successful combination of traditional optics and advanced electronics, Carl ZEISS has achieved another milestone in the field of hunting optics.

The new Victory RF models offer outstanding optical performance: the 56mm four-element, achromatic objective lenses with fluoride elements guarantee an extremely sharp and high-contrast image. Abbe-Koenig prisms and specially designed lens coatings ensure high light transmittance and mean superior performance for use in twilight and in hunting stands at night: This makes detailed identification of game possible, even in the last of the fading light. The transmission optics are built-in, as for the 45 R model binoculars models. The results speak for themselves with a harmonious and attractive design and the outstanding ergonomics of these models.


The digital laser rangefinder

The Victory RF models are equipped with a high-performance laser with the latest electronics and guarantee extremely rapid distance measurement for ranges between 10 meters and 1200 meters (10yd - 1300yd): The measurement time of the invisible class 1 laser less than a second for all ranges. The four digit measurement result is reflected into the field of view as a self-illuminating LED display with automatic brightness control which is easy to read in all lighting conditions. The hunter turns the electronic system on by pressing the range finder button and holding it down, the target symbol then becomes visible in the image. Releasing the button will immediately trigger the measurement (the 'one-touch' principle). Firstly, this will avoid incorrect measurements due to hesitations and unintentional 'shaking' of the binoculars and thus of the measuring beam. This avoids objects in front of or behind the target being selected unintentionally, the most common reason for incorrect measurements and 'inexplicable misses'. Secondly, the single touch means the actual measurement time is significantly reduced. A scan mode for measuring smaller, moving targets and built-in electronic switching for units in meters or yards rounds off the system's capabilities.


The Ballistic Information System

The BIS® Ballistic Information System in Victory RF models from Carl ZEISS is the world's first incorporation of a ballistics computer into high-performance binoculars: a prerequisite for successful hunting is not only knowledge of the range of the game but of equal importance is information about the trajectory of the particular load employed and the correction required to the point of impact ('holdover point'): or more specifically - at that particular range, how many centimetres or inches above or below the target must be the aim be 'held' to hit it accurately. The built-in BIS® Ballistic Information System always provides the user with precise information. Immediately after the range has been displayed, the correct holdover point will appear in the display and this depends on the range determined and ballistic curve selected. E.g. 'H10' will appear, meaning that the hunter must aim 10cm 'high.'

Before first using these extremely versatile binoculars, the hunter selects from among six pre-programmed ballistic curves with the Victory 8x56 T * RF or 10x56 T * RF models using ballistics tables for the ammunition used or by a point of impact test of his gun and ammunition at 300 meters. The internet website www.ZEISS.de/BIS is an extremely convenient resource, with 1800 cartridge types for finding your own cartridge and so determining the appropriate ballistic curve. Entry of the curve (e.g. EU 1) is required only once, unless the hunter uses several weapons interchangeably, or different calibres or bullet weights with different ballistic data. The six pre-programmed ballistic curves represent the trajectories of the most popular hunting calibres. Selection is particularly practical, the weapon can be used either by zeroing at 100 meters, or by using 'GEE' (the most favourable zeroing range). For the U.S. mode, either 100 yards or 200 yards sighting-in can be selected. The ballistic computer automatically takes account of different zeroing distances. This unique independence of ballistic curve and sight-in distance was developed in cooperation with experienced hunters and guarantees the hunter maximum flexibility.



The new models have a rugged and lightweight magnesium housing and rubber armour to protect against impacts and shocks. The large focus wheel, the range button and the Set button for the BIS® Ballistic Information System are all ergonomically positioned. The eyecups can be locked in four positions and can be easily removed for cleaning.


LotuTec® lens coating

The Victory RF models are equipped with the innovative LotuTec® coating: The LotuTec® protective layer works like a lotus leaf on objective and eyepiece lenses. It allows water to run off from the lens with virtually no residue and allows for easy cleaning. So the hunter always has a clear view, even in the rain.


The outstanding qualities of these two new binocular models, with lens diameters of 56mm as favoured in Central Europe, include newly designed high-performance optics from Carl ZEISS which are distinguished by their outstanding sharpness and contrast and which also guarantee superior performance even in the last vestiges of twilight, and also the digital laser rangefinder with 1200 meters (1300yd) range and a highly innovative ballistic computer. The ability to select the commonly employed 100m zeroing range or to select GEE (the most favourable zeroing range) is particularly practical and comfortable to use. Their extremely rapid and easy operation makes these models extremely practical, and they can quickly become the most important binoculars for a whole range of applications.

They come supplied with neoprene carrying straphigh-quality Cordura caseobjective lenses and eyepieces cap and battery.

The scope of delivery often does not includes batteries or, if included, only low-quality batteries. These cannot be replaced under warranty. To avoid being disappointed the very first time you use the equipment, we recommend you order suitable batteries at the same time you order the equipment. Especially for equipment that is used outdoors, we recommend the use of high quality brand-name batteries. Lithium batteries are to be preferred, as these lose hardly any of their charge during prolonged storage and also do not lose performance in cold temperatures.



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